We work as an extended technology team to create solutions that transform ideas, grow businesses and make people’s lives better

We help businesses build scalable and smart solutions based on mobile, web and cloud technologies

We come from organizations like IBM, Oracle, TechMahindra, Capgemini, Infosys, etc. with 150+ years of combined IT experience

TMS - Connecting Talent + Opportunities

Our Talent Management Solution (TMS) helps identify, attract, hire, develop and retain talented people, and ensure that our customers have the right human capital to meet their strategic objectives.

Smaq – Smart Aquaculture

Our IoT solution for Aquaculture helps farmers proactively monitor various measures like Salinity, Ammonia, Nitrate levels, temperature, etc.

Smart Bots

Our smart bots help in automating the back office tasks and in integrating with various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Slack and LinkedIn.

Custom Application Development

Our custom application development services align the right IT strategy with the client’s business needs. We focus on designing scalable and extensible software solutions that would solve complex problems, reduce development cycle, mitigate risks, and assure returns on investment made.


Our consulting services help businesses to overcome critical organizational challenges such as competing priorities, incompatible processes and technologies, and continuous updates to match the changing user needs and expectations.

Cloud Services / SaaS

We provide Cloud strategy consulting - help build your apps on the cloud platform (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud) and integrate them seamlessly with your IT infrastructure.

Staffing Services

Powered by AI, our consultants work at various Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 global customers throughout the U.S., India and Europe. We offer a unique and deep expertise in the highest demand tech skill sets, such as Open Source, UI/UX, Data Science, DevOps, Cloud computing, Microsoft Development, etc. 

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